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Urban Fire Ceremony: Releasing and Transforming

Below, I walk you through exactly how to do deeper work for releasing shadow.

A fire ceremony can be a powerful way to release what no longer serves you and create space for transformation. Here's a simplified guide to help you navigate this sacred process.

Before you begin: Open Sacred Space (see creating sacred space instructions here)

STEP 1- State Intent (i.e. to release energy of 'anger', 'blame', 'anxiety', 'nightmares' etc.) STEP 2- Find a fire proof bowl STEP 3- Grab a plethora of wooden matches (how many will be determined by the size of bowl) STEP 4- Place un-lit matches in fire bowl STEP 5- Transfer Your Energy into a Match

Take one match and blow into it, transferring the energy of what you want to release—fear, anger, anxiety, or anything that's blocking you.

STEP 6- Using a separate match, light the fire in the bowl.

Keep the match you've infused with your energy aside. STEP 7- Once the fire is lit, place the match carrying your energetic blocks into the flame. Allow the fire to transform and release this energy without needing to experience it on a literal or physical level. STEP 8- Remain with the fire until it burns out on its own. Focus on the flames and visualize them consuming what you no longer need.

STEP 9- Close Sacred Space

As you go through the coming weeks, stay open to new opportunities and insights. The energy you release through the fire ceremony can lead to powerful transformations in your life.

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