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Map of 4 Levels of Consciousness

The "Levels of Consciousness" is a map for assisting our navigation, through all areas of our lives"


I invite you to look at the 4 Levels of Consciousness as a map of Evolution of Humanity.

We are human, we have a Soul in human form and we can connect to Spirit.

So as we go through these levels remember we are in a time of the Evolutionary process of moving into SOUL EXPANDING. We are taking a huge SOUL leap! (level 3)

Our human “brain” is the one aligned with the evolution of humanity.

We are moving from Reptilian and Mammalian to Neocortex and Prefrontal cortex.

Think of the brain as a muscle- We have worked 2 muscles big time-Reptilian and mammalian.

Think of level1brain and level 2 brain as the foundation of things to come!

Level 1- We need to have the part of the brain that is instinctual. Tangible and solid. Manifest form!

Level 2- We need to have the part of the brain that is able to interpret our reality.

As we are moving as a whole of humanity into the level 3 brain, we need to be building this muscle!

Level 3- This is where it’s really FUN! The Soul leads, mind follows! The Soul experiences itself on a Sacred journey! The cool thing about this level is that if we can build this muscle really strong, the next level is expanding at the same time! How cool is that! 2 leaps in a new consciousness.

Level 4- the language of ENERGY! SPIRIT!


More understanding of the levels:

Level 1 takes action. Act on instinct-don’t just think about it or ignore it. (this is your 1st chakra)

Level 2 is passive. Thinking, thinking, thinking, reasoning, reasoning, reasoning. Oy, makes me tired. This level can be where the looping monkey mind happens. There is zero manifestation at this level. (This is your 2nd Chakra) Thoughts live here.

Level 3 is ACTION. Act on your ideas, not thoughts. (this is your 8th Chakra! When it is aligned, and Spirit can get through.)

Level 4 is passive. It is neutral. This is Spirit and it needs something to animate and that is you at level 3.

More understanding at it’s very base level:

Level 1- To me

Why is this always happening TO ME? Victim lives here.

Level 2- To it

I can control my thoughts through MY WILL. Control and bully lives here.

Level 3-Through me

It is not I but the Great Mystery that is moving through me. Creator lives here!

Level 4-AS ME

ONENESS with the Great Mystery lives here!


Follow the map and see where you are! Be real! We want to acknowledge our journey, not try to skip ahead. If we skip ahead we will be working a wobbly brain. LOL

Enjoy trying to wrap your mind around this!


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