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The 'Steps' After the 12 Steps

The 12 Step Model is an entry point for people in the chaos of addiction.

This is where the journey starts to shift.

Then, you move into the chaos of recovery, saying to yourself "How on earth am I to stay sober?" diligently follow the steps, get a sponsor, etc.

It’s still a bit of chaos as you are changing how you ‘deal’ with the world.

Then, you move into what I call the ‘then what’ phase.

It’s here where the beauty of ‘YOUR’ soul needs to shine forth.

The ‘then what’ phase has you still feeling like something is missing for a truly meaningful life.

That’s where Soul Recovery Movement steps in. This is where your soul starts to have a say and you re-define everything you learned so far about addiction and recovery.

Chaos starts to exit stage left and a deep yumminess enters your WHOLE being.


YES, this is possible.

YES, it will take some participation on your part.

YES, it will challenge you to a new way of thinking about life, all of life.

YES, you won’t need drugs for that ‘altered state’. You will be hanging out there all the time and in the world, at the same time.

Can you say ‘Magical Living’?

This is the most grounded you will ever experience in your life. People WILL notice.

I am not just blowing smoke up your patootie, I have watched my clients and students change ‘big time’ for over a decade!

I never geared my practice for addiction and recovery, that’s just the people who sought me out because they were witnessing shifts in their friends and family members that were working with me.

People were moving from seriousness to DELIGHT!

Staying sober used to be serious business, yet that is what people ‘thought’ they needed it to be.

Imagine if your recovery journey had a wee bit of lightness?

Where you are GROUNDED, not so much serious.

I mean seriously (LOL) is your higher power sooo serious, stodgy & all controlling?

If you answered 'yes', maybe you need a new higher power?

YES, you need courage.

YES, you need stamina.

YES, you need determination.

And, you also need FUN, DELIGHT and a BEGINNER'S MIND.



"I have always struggled with the concept of a higher power, even though it was evident that I needed it. I believed I could fix myself through going to meetings, doing inventory, and sponsoring women, but I was missing the essence of spirit.

I forgot those things only brought me to a relationship with a power greater than myself, which would solve all my problems. Lisa showed me how to access that power.

Which has completely changed my life in ways I never could have dreamed. She has taught me tools that enabled me to connect with my soul and has helped me go from believing in a power greater than myself to relying on a power greater than myself."


"The steps and the fellowship were priceless gifts that I needed to get and stay sober. Yet, there came a time in my recovery when I knew I needed to go deeper into my healing.

I intuitively knew that something was missing. Through a series of events, I was led to a Shaman and now know that I was divinely guided. The missing piece for me was my own soul and getting grounded in my body.

Working with Lisa, she was able to communicate directly with my soul and bypass the mind and ego which has been essential for me. From this work I now have ‘direct experience’ with the spirit realm and witness the magic of my own soul on a regular basis!"


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