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From Shadow to Light: Embracing Your Soul Journey in Recovery

"To give up one's uniqueness or to sacrifice the personal journey,

is to wound the soul."

-Lisa Lanzetta


For many of us on the path to recovery, we're not just battling addiction or unhealthy behaviors—we're also up against the invisible but powerful forces of societal conditioning and our own subconscious shadows. These hidden forces can keep us from embracing our true selves and living in alignment with our recovery goals. But the good news is, we can break free.

The Shadow Side of Social Conditioning

Social conditioning affects us all, but it can be particularly challenging for those in recovery. It can lead to feelings of shame, guilt, and fear—emotions that can fuel relapse or make it hard to stay on track. Here's what this conditioning might look like in our lives:

- Night terrors and anxiety—The past can haunt us, and unresolved trauma can turn our nights into nightmares.

- Depression—The weight of societal expectations can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of hopelessness.

- Anger and blame—These emotions might arise when we feel misunderstood or judged.

- Resistance to change—It can be scary to step into the unknown, even when we know it's for the best.

Sound familiar? If it does, remember, you're not alone. Many of us in recovery have felt these shadows lurking in our subconscious. But here's the thing: recognizing them is the first step to healing.

Finding the Light

Transformation starts when we bring our shadows into the light. By acknowledging our struggles, we can begin to understand them, which is crucial for our recovery journey. This isn't easy—it requires courage and a willingness to face discomfort—but it's where real growth happens.

Your Soul Journey in Recovery

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms and traditional therapies aren't providing the relief you need, it might be time to explore new approaches. Consider energetic tools and practices that can help bring your subconscious shadows to light. This could involve meditation, mindfulness, or other spiritual practices that support your recovery.

When we do this work, we start to experience what I call "superconsciousness." It's a state where you're living authentically, with the energy and clarity to support your recovery and help you stay on track.

Let's Do This Together

Recovery is a journey, and it's always better with support. If you're ready to explore these new tools and take the next step in your soul journey, We at Soul Recovery Movement are here to help. Connect with us to learn more about how you can bring more light into your life and stay on your path to recovery. Together, we can move from shadow to light.

With love,

Lisa and Carissa


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