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Everyday Sacred Rituals

What if everyday we had Sunday Consciousness?
How much more fun would our workplace be? Basically how much more fun would our lives be? Wherever and whatever we are doing?

Here is a cool reframe for every day of the week. Have FUN with it!  

If we start every day within our own sacred space for just 10 minutes, we create a sweet bubble of love around ourselves and it becomes contagious for everyone we meet.


Sacred Sundays

Sacred Soul Altar and Intention Setting

1. Set Intentions: Light a candle, reflect on last week. Write down three intentions for the week.

2. From your intentions-create an altar for the week. Let it hold your intentions in the energetic realm. Check out my blog on Soul-aligned altar. 

3. Gratitude Offering: Create a small offering to nature (e.g., a flower, a stone) and place it outside as a token of gratitude for the guidance and support you receive.

Magical Mondays

Morning Smudging and Visualization

1. Smudging: Use sage or palo santo to smudge yourself and your space, clearing any negative energy.

2. Visualization: Spend 5-10 minutes visualizing your day and week from your intentions you set on Sunday. See yourself surrounded by protective and positive energy, accomplishing your goals with ease.

Tuned-In Tuesdays

Grounding and Journey statements

1. Grounding: Stand barefoot on the earth for a few minutes, feeling the connection with the ground and visualizing roots growing from your feet into the earth.

2.Journey Statements: Speak three sweet action statements related to your intention set on Sunday.

For example, "As I start each morning with a simple ritual, I trust my inner wisdom," As I remind myself to not take myself so seriously, I live everyday in Sunday consciousness. 

Give an action that produces an outcome you wish to receive. 

Wisdom Wednesdays

Divination and Reflection

1. Divination: Grab your oracle deck, tarot cards, or runes to seek guidance for the day. Ask a great question! Ex: If your intention from Sunday was to be more present and focused, ask the question: What is it I am needing today to help me stay focused and present? You can place this card on your altar. 

2. Reflection: Reflect on the message received and write down any insights or thoughts that come to mind. Consider how this wisdom can be applied to your day.

Thriving Thursdays

Nature Connection and Energy Alignment

1. Nature Connection: Spend 10 minutes outside, engaging with the natural elements. Hug a tree, listen to the birds, or sit by a body of water.

2. Energy Alignment: Perform a brief energy alignment exercise, such as visualizing a column of light running through your chakras, from the earth to the sky.

Flourishing Fridays

Journaling and Sacred Altar 

1. Journaling: Spend 10 minutes journaling about your week, focusing on moments of growth and learning.  Keep your focus on all your aha’s and Woohoo’s.

2. Sacred Altar: Take a look at your altar, anything feels like it needs to shift? Move things around. Add something that represents your aha’s and Woohoo’s. 

If anything natural was removed, take it outside and gift it to the Earth.

Soulful Saturdays

Creative Ceremony and Community Connection

1. Creative Ceremony: Dedicate 20 minutes to creating a small ceremony. This could involve making a mandala outside with natural items, dancing to drumming music, or crafting a symbolic item-paint the symbols on rocks is always fun. 

This might be a great time to have your family join you? 

2. Community Connection: Reach out to a loved one or spend time in a community activity that nourishes your soul. Share your experiences and listen to theirs, fostering a deeper sense of connection.

What do you think of the reframe? Can you imagine how your week might be different if you started the day or ended the day connecting with your sweet soul?


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